There are many reasons to get excited with the Ford GT. Not only is the GT downright beautiful to the eyes, but now, it has a special meter cluster that actually takes all that up a notch. The Ford GT is the first Ford to receive an all-new 10-inch high-resolution digital gauge.

The digital gauges were inspired by real race cars, each displaying crisp, high-res graphics. The tachometer bar is now located at the top and runs from left to right. The speed and gear displays are most prominent, and as the image suggests, the Ford GT could even go up to 346 km/h!

A total of five modes are offered – Normal, Wet, Sport, Track and V-Max. Each individual mode will display relevant information that the system deems most essential to the driver. In both Sport and Track mode, the gear selection screen will take centre stage, moving the speedometer to the side. As for the V-Max mode, the speedometer is the prioritised info.

The good news is, this digital cluster will be fitted onto other Ford vehicles in the future. Now can you imagine that!



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Travis Chang
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