2017 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition revealed, only 100 units worldwide

With the 10th-generation Honda Civic in full swing, it’s time for the preceding chapter to come to a close. This brings us to the UK-only Honda Civic Type R Black Edition, which marks the end of the line for the ninth-generation Civic before handing the baton over to the new model.

What’s unique to the 100-unit special are mainly cosmetic enhancements. The cabin gets an all-black theme with red accents, reflecting the same exterior palette. Outside, the end plates for the rear wing are contrasted in red.2017-honda-civc-typer-black-4

No performance upgrades have been made for the Black Edition Civic Type R. That means the same direct-injected turbocharged 2.0 litre VTEC engine producing 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque will carry on its duties. A six-speed manual transmission delivers power to the front wheels.

The outgoing Honda Civic Type-R has made an impact as being the first Type R vehicle to embrace turbocharging. It broke the FWD lap record at the Nurburgring before the Golf GTI Clubsport S came into the picture. The Civic Type R is also rather successful in various touring car championships around the world.2017-honda-civc-typer-black-3

The Black Edition Civics will be sold at  £32,300 (approximately RM175,608.00 at press time) and it’s expected to sell out fast. Look out for its successor later this year!



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