Watch Leona Chin pull a 31-tonne mega truck with her Mitsubishi Triton! [+Video]

Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve done it all with your pickup truck, someone else comes along and shows you a few more mind boggling tricks? I mean, a pickup truck is your ever-ready 4×4 companion, your drift mobile (yeah, we know) and most undeniably the hardy, trusty workhorse. But what do you do if your 31-tonne hauler breaks down?

No biggie. Apparently, all it takes to tow a vehicle the size of Jupiter is 430 Nm. Popular Malaysian Girl Drifter, Leona Chin, singlehandedly demonstrated the towing capabilities of the recently refreshed Mitsubishi Trition. Her variant of choice was the range topping VGT Adventure 4×4 automatic, which is powered by a 2.4-litre turbodiesel MIVEC producing 179 hp and 430 Nm of torque. This Triton weighs approximately 1,800kg. 2016 Mitsubishi Triton 2.4L VGT Launch in Malaysia -

With an industrial harness anchored to both truck’s chassis, Leona began the seemingly impossible attempt. A few seconds and wheelspins later, the axles creaked and the Caterpillar began inching forward. The entire demonstration seemed like a trailer to Jason Statham’s new film, but what the Triton achieved here deserves some applause, however improbable (or staged) the scenario appears to be.


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