Caltex Power Diesel Euro 5 with Techron D launched, 3X more cleaning power!

Chevron Malaysia Limited, the distributor of Caltex fuels has just officially launched their Euro 5 compliant diesel – Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron D at the Caltex station in Glenmarie.

Caltex Power Diesel, being a Euro 5, boasts less than 10 parts per million (ppm) of sulphur compared to regular Euro 2M diesels which contains 500 ppm. This significantly reduces carbon emissions or the black smog commonly found in diesel vehicles that use lower grade fuel.2016 Caltex Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D Launched

Caltex Power Diesel’s Fuel Specialist and Product Engineer, Mr. Philip Chee explains that Chevron’s Techron D contains three times more cleaning agents as compared to the regular Euro 2M diesel. This in turn cleans the carbon deposits on the fuel injectors, allowing for a more complete combustion cycle which returns better fuel economy, better emissions as well as restoration of lost power.

Chee also highlighted that if an old vehicle that has been fuelling up with Euro 2M fuel all these while, upon switching to Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron D, will immediately notice the aforementioned benefits such as lesser black smog, smoother power delivery and increase in vehicle performance. In fact, he mentioned that these benefits can be experienced by the drivers upon switching to any Caltex fuel with Techron technology.2016 Caltex Power Diesel EURO 5 with Techron D Launched

The company plans to first introduce their Euro 5 diesel at key areas with high market demand such as expressway exits, Klang Valley and Johor. The fuel will be continuously rolled out at these stations in the coming months. However, no specific stations have been named. As with the recent reduction of fuel prices in December, the Caltex Power Diesel (Euro 5) with Techron D is priced at RM1.95 per litre, only 10 sen more than the regular Euro 2M diesel.



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