Petronas Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 now available at 20 Petronas stations, 30 more by year end

Petronas Dagangan Berhad announced that their Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 is now available at 20 Petronas Station spanning across five states in the Peninsular. It’s a part of their move to offer the better quality diesel in at least 50 stations by end of 2016, as reported earlier. Below is the list of the stations currently offering Euro 5 diesel:



  • Lebuhraya Pasir Gudang
  • Linkedua Arah Selatan
  • Jalan Mawai, Kota Tinggi (Tun Sri Lanang)


  • NKVE Damansara
  • NKVE Klang Bound
  • Technology Park Malaysia 1
  • Federal Highway FAS
  • Federal Highway Temasya
  • KM 0.7 Besraya Arah Utara (Solaris Serdang)
  • KM 305 Plus Arah Selatan (Solaris Putra)
  • KM 12.3 Federal Highway Arah Klang
  • Silk Highway
  • USJ 20

Wilayah Persekutuan:

  • Mutiara Damansara
  • Sprint Highway
  • Taman Melati
  • Lingkaran Tengah 2
  • MRR2 Arah Kepong


  • Bentong R&R

Negeri Sembilan:

  • Mambau


At the recent Petronas Dynamic Xperience drive from KL to JB, a few concerns were also addressed during the feedback session with the participants, particularly with the implementation of B10 biodiesel. Petronas Fuel Engineer, Mr Mohamad Hafiz Abd Aziz ensures that when the time comes, the B10 biodiesel will only be implemented on their Euro 2M diesel while their Euro 5 will remain with B7 blend.

He also added that upgrading works is underway on their Pengerang plant to be able to produce Euro 5 diesel locally by 2019, but meanwhile the fuel will continue to be sourced from Singapore.petronas-dynamic-xperience-15

On the latest Dynamic Xperience, they’ve invited a few members from various luxury car clubs to experience the Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 on their own rides. Previous Dynamic Xperience events have involved off-road excursions in Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu, and Pahang using their Euro 2M Dynamic Diesel.



    • petrol is expensive dude
      look at it like share market every few days
      if im older also will get heart attack and might as well cycle only
      its so horrible now money is so small value

      • so you are preferring all black smoke in your environment ? or do you prefer pay more to HELP the environment.. Its really disgusting to see when those vehicle spread out those black smoke.. and im like OMG…

        • i know what normal ppl will say 1
          my friends also saying now petrol and diesel is different d
          like this petronas so many years and their diesel now win award somemore in dakar rally

          • ya i heard of that also
            that is why they r saying from rally to road so it is high performance fuel
            i believe is good for our engine la then car can pick up in short time right

        • petronas is claiming their euro 5 can clean engine
          their diesel combustion in our engine is maximised somemore
          so dont have to worry about black smoke already

    • Diesel car have more powerful , and as statistic in Singapore, last 5years thats only around 150diesel car , but now was increaese to 500+ diesel car.. latest diesel technology is not like previous just polluting the environment, but being green to it.. and also enhance engine life

  1. only 20 station ah ? really dont have chance to try petronas Euro5 lo… unlike other company alrdy have more than 100+ station .. wonder why they bring in Euro5 so late.. like one year later than other LOL

    • i really hope this euro 5 by petronas is good for environment
      i see feedback about it being good for engine
      about no black smoke so really hope its a very improved version

      • yes becoz they had reduce the Sulphur from 500+ ppm to around 10+ ppm , the main issue was the sulphur which polute the engine become black and also the smoke .. so this was a good compound for our environment


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