The Mercedes-Benz C-Class model, according to AutoCar UK, is the top selling premium car in Britain. A total of 41,121 units have been sold in the country alone, numbers which are rare for any premium makes to achieve.

What’s rarer is that the C-Class is ranked ninth out of 10 most popular cars in Britain, followed closely by the Audi A3 (40,817 units). Prices for the four-door C-Class begin at about £30,000 for the base SE spec with six-speed manual and shoots all the way up to £78,000 for the C 63 S Edition 1 (Cabriolet). Between them are the Estate and Coupe variants, as well as C 43 options.2016 Mercedes-Benz C 350 e PHEV Launch in Malaysia -

Back in Malaysia, the W205 C-Class range begins with the locally assembled C 180 Avantgarde (RM229k) and stretches to the hottest C 63 S Coupe which retails for RM774k. A source within Mercedes-Benz Malaysia also confirmed that the C-Class is the best selling premium car in the country as of Q3 2016.

Well done, Mercedes-Benz. Very well done indeed.

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