Honda USA has unveiled the new Honda Civic Si prototype at the Los Angeles Motor Show. Positioned between the hot Civic Type R and the Civic Sport, the production version of the Civic Si can be had in both four-door and coupe forms.

Dubbed to be the fastest, best-handling Civic Si ever, it needs an equally striking exterior design. To begin, it receives Rallye Red Pearl (yes that’s not a typo) paint and is equipped with a full Honda Factory Performance (HFP) bodykit. That gives you front and rear splitters, as well as a huge rear wing.Civic Si Prototype

Longer boot aside, another distinctive difference with the Civic Si is the tail pipe. This red example uses a unique hexagonal shaped centre-exit exhaust, which clearly matches the angular and boxy look of the 10th generation Civic. At the front, it looks identical to its hot hatch equivalent, sans the Si emblem on the grille.

Mechanically, Honda retains the 1.5-litre four cylinder turbocharged engine that’s mated to a short-shifting six-speed manual transmission. No numbers are provided, but it’s reckoned to be at least 200 hp. Exclusive only to the Civic Si are performance enhancements such as active damper system, active steering system, limited-slip differential and 19-inch high-performance tyres.Civic Si Prototype

The sporty theme continues on the inside as it receives Si-themed sports seats with plenty of red stitching on the interior. The driver will be welcomed by aluminium sport pedals, carbon instrument panel trim and a sport button right next to shifter. Honda claims the prototype’s interior is almost production-level.

The new Honda Civic Si will go into production by 2018 across the United States. Close to a decade ago, Malaysian Honda fans are envied by the Americans for becoming the second country outside of Japan to receive the Japanese version of the Type R. Today however, the Americans don’t just get the Type R, they even get the Civic Si. And we’re absolutely jealous about it.


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