There’s a new Chinese automotive player in Malaysia, and they are called Beijing Auto International Corporation (BAIC). Pronounced as “baik“, the brand launched two new products at the 2016 Malaysian Autoshow. Here we have the country’s first locally assembled all-electric vehicle (EV), the BAIC EV200, which was introduced alongside the D20 hatchback.

Assembled in Gurun and with the help of local partner Amber Dual, the EV200 is actually BAIC’s first ever EV to penetrate the South East Asian market.2016 BAIC EV 200 Preview -


Name BAIC EV200
Engine Electric Motor
Battery 30.4 kWh  lithium-cell
Max Power 40 hp
Max Torque 102 Nm
0 – 100km/h; Top Speed 13 seconds; 120 km/h
Price (OTR without insurance) TBD


The EV200 introduced here is of the sedan variant, but the hatchback will reportedly join the lineup. It’s based on the D20 subcompact passenger car, and at a glance it somehow resembles the Proton Saga. The exterior equipment for all three variants are almost identical, and they all receive the standard 14-inch wheels, auto headlights and tail lamps.2016 BAIC EV 200 Preview -

The three variants are rather uniquely named: Relaxing, Showy and Enjoyable. A total of six exterior hues are available for the EV200 – Madrid Red, Alpine White, Milan Silver, Hamburg Grey, Deep Blue, and Champs Elysees Gold, just like its D20 sibling.


The interior goodies are almost similar as well. All EV200s receive an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen that is planted in the centre dash, together with a separate 6.2-inch TFT multi-info display for the driver. Other similarities on the inside include fabric seats and automatic air conditioning, among others. The most expensive variant meanwhile has “VIP cloud service” as extra, while the cheapest variant gets lesser speakers than the rest.2016 BAIC EV 200 Preview -


BAIC is one of China’s leading manufacturer of EVs, and the EV200 has proven its worth in its country of origin. Underneath the hood lies an electric motor that outputs 40 hp and 102 Nm of torque, and it’s powered by a lithium-cell battery that generates 30.4 kWh of power. The EV200 has a driving range of 200km, though if you drive below 60km/h, BAIC says you can extract an additional 40km over the 200km threshold. Top speed is 120 km/h.

BAIC also said the battery pack is good for a cumulative range of up to 600,000km or 10 years, but we’ll take it with a pinch of salt, seeing as how unfriendly our temperate climate is towards electrified vehicles.2016 BAIC EV 200 Preview -


As far as safety goes, the EV200 is equipped with two frontal airbags, Isofix mounting points as well as ABS with EBD. There’s no mention of active safety features, and the same can be said for its pricing. One thing BAIC can promise though, is competitive pricing, which means the EV200 could well be the most affordable EV sold in Malaysia to date. Deliveries will begin sometime in 2017.


BAIC EV200 Sedan

BAIC EV200 Hatchback

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