Honda has previewed yet another subcompact crossover, and this time it’s called the WR-V. Cheekily namely as “Winsome Runabout Vehicle”, the Honda WR-V will mainly be bound for the South American market.

In essence, this compact crossover is a derivative of the Honda Jazz with higher ground clearance. This may seem like a similar recipe as the Honda HR-V, but Honda has other plans. With the CR-V and HR-V both sold in Brazil, the company believes that South Americans have a good appetite for SUVs.

Developed by the company’s Brazilian R&D arm, the WR-V has a “tough and urban” design, which they think will appeal to the younger demographic of the region. There is no mention of the powertrain, but expect the same 120 hp 1.5-litre mill (and front-wheel drive) as the Jazz.Jazz

The WR-V could be a direct competitor to another South American special, the Nissan Kicks. More details of the WR-V will be revealed in next month’s Sao Paulo International Motor Show.

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