Proton has launched three models this year, and it looks like their cash registers are looking positively busy. The sales uptrend is certainly a confidence booster for Proton Holdings, and they have one more bullet in their chamber to close off the year.

The Proton Perdana, being the first model launch for Proton in 2016, received more than 1,100 bookings. A total of 720 units have been delivered to customers to date. The Perdana, a reskinned edition of the eight-generation Honda Accord, is also currently the most affordable brand new D-segment sedan in Malaysia.2016 Proton Perdana Launch -

As for the Proton Persona, the order tally has clocked beyond 14,000 orders, and a good 4,000 of them have already been delivered to buyers. That’s pretty impressive considering that the “Iriz sedan” was launched just a little under two months ago. As Proton has expected, the range-topping RM60k Premium variant is the most popular variant among buyers.2016 Proton Persona 1.6L Launch in Malaysia -

The recently unveiled third-generation Proton Saga meanwhile saw up to 4,000 bookings being made. In just two weeks, a total of 500 new Sagas have reached its new owners.

These numbers surely drive the confidence of our national carmaker after years of struggling with diminishing market share and tighter competition. Proton’s positive momentum is set to continue with the upcoming launch of the Ertiga MPV later this month. The compact MPV model will mark the first ever collaborative product between Suzuki and Proton.

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