Remember the Rolls Royce with extreme carbon fibre kit we reported a few months ago? Well, the same company, Bengala Automotive have worked their magic again, this time on a Ferrari F12.

Feast your eyes on the F12 Caballería, a full carbon fibre Ferrari F12 by the Spanish design house. Limited to only 10 units, the F12 Caballería has all its body panels replaced with redesigned carbon fibre parts inspired by Ferrari’s own GT3 cars. With those turbine design wheels, the F12 Caballería is one menacing looking machine.

No word of any mechanical changes by Bengala but the standard F12 packs a naturally aspirated V12 pushing out 730 horses and 690 Nm of torque.

According to Bengala, all 10 units of the F12 Caballería will be completed by 2017. With the launch of the F12 Caballería, Bengala also took the opportunity to introduce their Privilege Program that allows members of the program to get first dibs of their new designs.

For now, the company is gearing for one model design a year at five to 10 units each, making these cars extremely exclusive. Although in our books, owning an F12 is already an exclusive privilege.


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Adrian Chia
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