Boosted Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of BHPetrol fuel, was the first company to introduce the Euro5 diesel to Malaysia back in November 2014. At the time, the fuel was only available in Johor, but today it is offered in 107 BHP stations across the country.

So what’s new this time around? Well, both diesel fuels are now infused with a new generation of additives sourced from Germany. The additives improve one key aspect – the ability to self-clean a diesel engine’s high pressure fuel injector nozzles.

Most modern diesel engines feature common rail direct injection (CRDI) with piezo injectors, and these injectors have holes smaller than the size of a human hair. The sole duty of these holes is to deliver the diesel fuel into the combustion chamber, which can sometimes get clogged over time, thus reducing power and efficiency.BHPetrol-Euro5-1

Through numerous evaluating procedures adhering to the standards set by The Coordinating European Council, BHP’s latest Infiniti Euro2M and Euro5 diesels (both unique only to the Malaysian market) have proved that the additives can clean the injectors and restore engine performance to its optimum state. This works even for older diesel engines without direct injection technology.

The best part? Pricing for both diesel fuels remain exactly the same, at RM1.70 per litre for the Infiniti Euro2M, while the Euro5 costs 10 sen more. BHPetrol has over 300 stations nationwide, all of them offering Euro2M diesel. As of today, only 107 of them carry Euro5 diesel, with more to come along the way.

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