World’s first public trial of self-driving taxis happened in Singapore!

Step aside Lyft, Uber and Grab. nuTonomy is here to send you to the history books. nuTonomy, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) R&D partner in the development of self-driving car service has just launch a public trial of an autonomous vehicle taxi.

nuTonomy is the leading software developer for self-driving cars based in the U.S, and the company claims that this trial is a world’s first.2016 Self Driving Taxi in SIngapore

Last week, members of the public in Singapore had the opportunity to experience the autonomous vehicle taxi service through invitation. Invited residents are able to request for a ride via nuTonomy’s ride-hailing app at no cost. Either a Renault Zoe or a Mitsubishi i-MiEV will ferry the passengers within Singapore’s one-north business district where the trial is conducted. Check out what some of the first few lucky passenger has to say here!

This exercise is geared to collect data on software system performance, vehicle routing efficiency, vehicle booking process, and the overall passenger experience. To give the passengers a greater sense of security and collect onboard data, a nuTonomy engineer will be riding alongside them. With these data, nuTonomy will be able to refine their software to prepare for a widely-available commercial robo-taxi service for the Singapore market by 2018.2016 Self Driving Taxi in SIngapore

As a first in the world for a trial of its kind, nuTonomy are excited for the opportunity to collect first hand feedback from riders in a real-world setting. This gives nuTonomy a unique advantage in developing a fleet of self-driving cars.

Self-driving vehicles may seem to take out the fun in driving, but to be honest, what fun is there to commute in KL city congestion? nuTonomy is making urban driving a less stressful, more comfortable and most importantly, safer affair. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from the strategies the Lion City is taking to revolutionise our daily commute.



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