Citroen cars have always pushed the boundaries of design. The French’s out-of-the-box thinking have always made Citroen cars quirky, especially when compared to its competitors. Now, they just previewed its future hybrid concept that could shape the brand’s future models, and it’s called the Citroen CXPERIENCE hybrid concept.

Pronounced as ‘C-experience’, the concept is a large hatchback, which Citroen calls a two-box saloon. Aesthetically, the front gets Citroen’s corporate grille complete with a pair of modern LED headlights, and intake flaps sit below the grille to aid aerodynamics. There’s no signature airbumps on the side, but it does get large 22-inch wheels, at least for now. At the back, the top slides towards the back via a large single transparent panel.citroen-cexeperience-concept-1

Inside the cabin, all physical buttons are removed to make way for cleaner 19-inch “Advanced Comfort” touchscreen panel. There’s a wireless smartphone charging dock located in the centre console, with each rear passenger receiving a mobile tablet for seat and air-conditioning adjustments. This tablet also doubles as a screen for media consumption.

As is the trend lately, Citroen is also pursuing clean, hybrid solutions. This concept comes with PSA’s latest plug-in hybrid powertrain – a marriage of a 200hp petrol engine and an 80kW electric motor that together drive the rear wheels. An eight-speed automatic gearbox will be located between both motors. The hybrid is good for a combined output of 300 hp, but in pure electric mode it’s capable of travelling up to 60km on a single charge.citroen-cexeperience-concept-4

Citroen will fully unveil this concept at its home turf during the Paris Motor Show in late September. It’s unclear right now which model this concept will succeed, but a replacement model for the ageing C5 is long overdue. Could this be the next generation C5?


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