SpyBuzz: Mysterious Ferrari spotted testing in Fiorano naked

Ferrari fanboys in the cyberworld are pulling their hair out, including myself, over these images of a mysterious Ferrari circulating on the internet. It wears the front of a 488 GTB, side curves of a Lotus Evora, and rear of… an entire new, thing. What is it exactly?

There are speculations that this could be the 488 Speciale/Scuderia variant as hinted by the racing stripes. However, if you look closely the body panels do not suggest a 488 GTB. The headlights design, the side scoops, taillights positioning, and even engine cover are not of an inheritance.2016-ferrari-testing-spybuzz

This is a Ferrari 488 GTB

There are rumours that the Italian supercar maker are reviving the ‘Dino‘ nameplate, which will be the second entry level Grand Tourer model. It is said to be powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine(!!?). The modern Ferrari Dino will come in between the California T and the 488 GTB in the line-up. Not entirely a bad move to counter the ever growing McLaren family, but seriously, V6? So, could this be it?

UPDATE: It turned out to be a Ferrari one-off, the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale


Well then again, this could be a product of a Ferrari Special Projects Programme of a 488 GTB-based one-off for a Prince from the East.2016-ferrari-testing-spybuzz-3

All that aside, this is Ferrari we are talking about. Isn’t it a little suspicious that a new pony goes for a walk without any form of camouflage?

UPDATE: It turned out to be a Ferrari one-off, the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

Image Source: Unknown



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