Nissan GT-R final facelift to debut at 2016 New York Motor Show

The Nissan GT-R has been around for close to 10 years now, and it’s almost about time for a brand new successor. However, that won’t be the case now because Nissan has released a single teaser picture of what we can expect at the upcoming New York Motor Show.

It’s unmistakably the Nissan GT-R’s rear end, but according to’s sources, it could very well be Godzilla’s final facelift. Aesthetic details such as the front and rear bumpers could be revised yet again, and its performance is said to receive a slight bump as well. The outgoing GT-R is powered by a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine punching 542 horses in standard form, but it’s known to be able to handle much higher outputs.

Details are scarce at this point, but the New York show is just around the corner now, so stay tuned for more updates!


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