Volvo launches Polestar performance upgrades, but for older models

Polestar, Volvo’s official performance division have finally introduced an entire range of new performance parts for the S60, V60, XC60 and V40 models. The Polestar Performance Parts include extensively engineered exhaust and chassis parts, including exterior and interior styling tweaks.

These performance parts are co-developed with Cyan Racing and designed under Polestar’s “Made to Perform” philosophy, fully utilising the company’s 20-year motorsport experience. These parts can be purchased as a complete package or separately, but Volvo and Polestar both said the former, together with Polestar Performance Optimisation will work in tandem to create a more compelling driving experience.2016 Volvo Polestar Performance Parts -

Polestar’s R&D Director Henrik Fries said, “What we learned at the circuit with our colleagues at Cyan Racing is that championships aren’t won in a single lap. The secret of our success is in creating balanced and precise cars that are predictable for the driver to control in all situations”.

These parts will be available at all participating dealerships, although prices have yet to be announced. It’s also presently unclear if Malaysia will be one of the Polestar recipients, but as the second country (and the only one outside of Sweden) in the world to assemble the new XC90, there might just be a high chance for Volvo owners to finally take on the likes of Germany’s M and AMG models.

More details on these performance parts will surface soon, so stay tuned!



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