Next Generation Proton Perdana previewed, together with TDM’s new stretched Perdana

The next-generation Proton Perdana targeted for the mass market is coming close into reality. In the recently concluded Alami Proton Carnival 2015 event held at Proton’s Centre of Excellence, Proton gave members of the media a short glimpse of what to expect from the company’s new “Halo” car.

Proton’s new D-segment darling in red was previewed by none other than Proton’s Chairman himself, Tun Dr. Mahathir. Unfortunately, only the front and lower rear portions were very briefly teased to the members of the media. Proton has previously mentioned that the new Perdana will look entirely different compared to donor car, the eighth-generation Honda Accord. Judging from this brief preview, we can attest to that, cosmetically of course.perdana-alamiproton (14)

From the looks of it, a fastback shape is expected as seen with the extended sloping D-pillar. In a way, it bears similarity with the unorthodox BMW 3-Series GT or Jaguar XJ. Also spotted were a rear ducktail spoiler and a shark fin roof antenna. Also note that the new Perdana measures at 4,999 mm, making it about 50mm longer than its Accord counterpart.

Honestly, we can’t visualise how the real Perdana will actually look like, but what we do know is that two engine options are available – Honda’s 2.0-litre R20A3 and 2.4-litre K24Z2 engines. These inline-four power plants are expected to be mated with Honda’s tried-and-tested five-speed automatic. The new Perdana will be made available to the public in Q1 2016, although no indicative pricing was made mention.

perdana-alamiproton (15)
The mysterious new Proton Perdana will be officially unveiled soon!

Just next to the Perdana are two stretched versions of the Perdana – the shorter of the two is for cabinet ministers while the other was customised solely for the Chairman himself. The stretched Perdana for Tun Dr. Mahathir has unique red leather interiors and subtle additions that are often found in a typical German-made limo. Also unique to Tun’s car is the “Proton 2020” number plate that indicates TDM’s prized limo from his brainchild that is Proton.

Tun’s stretched Perdana is of course based on the current-serving Accordana used by government officials in Putrajaya. As you may have already known, Proton and Honda inked a deal in 2013 to rebadge the eight-generation Accords as government fleet cars to replace the Perdana of old – one that was based on the Mitsubishi Eterna. These cars are also not made available for the public. However, the public can wait for Proton’s own interpretation of the Accord by early next year, and one thing’s for sure, we can’t wait to see that.perdana-alamiproton (6)

While we are closer to reaching 2016, perhaps a guessing game on the pricing of the new Perdana will be interesting. What would you reckon the price for probably the cheapest Jaguar looking D-seg saloon car in Malaysia? RM120k?



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