Mazda’s new sports car concept to be revealed in Tokyo, could it be the next-gen RX-7?

Mazda Corporation has surprised us with yet another product in its KODO lineup, and just like the Koeru, they remain tight lipped as to what this model may eventually be. Some say that this low-slung two-door, front-engined coupe could be the rebirth of the RX badge. But is it really?

This sports car concept, according to Mazda, embodies the company’s sports car lineage and is an encapsulation of the company’s vibrant sports car history. We’d be lying not to assume that it could actually be the next-generation RX-7, considering that the company will celebrate its 100th birthday by 2020. We’re also certain that the coupe is not a derivative of the ND MX-5 – the tail lights are a dead giveaway.

Our friend Daniel of detailed the outlook of this concept via Photoshop (though much is yet to be seen) and drew several close comparisons to other makes. Will we see the return of the RX badge and the rotary engine? Maybe. But don’t hang on to that strand of hope just yet.

Appearing alongside the mysterious sports car are Mazda’s complete Skyactiv/KODO range of products, including the Koeru concept. Mazda will also be displaying race-spec MX-5 and an “MX-5 special needs vehicle with hand control” as well as the rotary-powered 1967 Cosmo Sport 110S.

The Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled to take place at the end of this month from 30 October to 8 November.


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