Effective 12am on 1 October 2015, all fuels – RON95, RON97 and diesel will see an increase of 10 sen per litre, no thanks to the weakening of Ringgit against the Greenback.

This follows after two months of sustained fuel pricing, with RON95 costing RM1.95 per litre, RON97 at RM2.35 per litre, Euro2M diesel at RM1.80 and Euro5M diesel at RM1.90 for the month of August and September.

As for October, the new pricing will be RM2.05 per litre (RON95), RM2.45 per litre (RON97), RM1.90 per litre (Euro2M diesel) and RM2.00 per litre for the newer Euro5M diesel.

If you haven’t seen our video on tips to save fuel, be sure to watch our video by clicking the embedded thumbnail below!

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