Land Rover introduces new Discovery Sport HSE Dynamic Lux flavour at Frankfurt

Hardly a couple of fortnights have passed since Jaguar Land Rover introduced the all-new Discovery Sport here on our shores. And now, following in the steps of its older siblings such as the Range Rover Sport and the SVR variant, the Disco Sport is now available kitted out with the HSE Dynamic Lux pack.

Think of this new version as a Sports version of the Disco Sport, hence the naming criterion. The Disco Sport HSE Dynamic Lux features a number of exterior enhancements, including Narvik Black exterior detailing, body-coloured mouldings, door claddings and 20-inch Gloss Black wheels. Combining all these gives this new model a powerful and striking impression.

That being said, don’t let the Sports trimming fool you into believing that the Disco is incapable of handling the beaten path when the going gets rough. The competence of the Disco is heightened by the introduction of All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) for the 2016 model. ATPC is an advanced system that enables drivers to set and maintain a steady speed in off-road conditions. The system also features a “Launch” function which allows you pull away when driving under low-traction surfaces conditions.

Another interesting bit of tech that the Landy packs is Active Driveline – an intelligent system that can switch between two- and four-wheel drive as conditions dictate, combining both real-world fuel-saving benefits of two-wheel-drive with the all-terrain capability of four-wheel-drive. This system also improves handling and driving feel while on tarmac roads.2015-Land-Rover-Discovery-HSE-Dynamic-Lux-21

The Evoque previously featured an interesting damper system that was filled with a fluid that contains metal shavings which can alter the stiffness of the suspension down to the millisecond when a magnetic field is applied to it. The system is dubbed Adaptive Dynamics with MagneRide here in the Discovery Sport HSE Dynamic Lux. The system works by changing the viscosity of the fluid in the damper, thus making the suspension stiffer or softer.

Adaptive Dynamics introduces a driver-selectable Dynamic mode on the Terrain Response system which increases throttle, gearbox and differential response, along with suspension and steering firmness for additional driver feel. The system tries to give as much feel and control as possible back to the driver.2015-Land-Rover-Discovery-HSE-Dynamic-Lux-11

At the time of launch, Land Rover has said that the new Disco Sport HSE Dynamic Lux will only be made available with a TD4 oil burning Automatic variant. We would really like to see this new funky version of the Disco being introduced locally. Time will tell, we suppose.


Discovery Sport Launch Gallery 


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