Lexus creates world’s first heartbeat car with the RC F [+Video]

When it comes to paintwork, we can all trust Lexus to push the boundaries of conventional paint jobs, especially after displaying the stunning yellow-on-silver LF-C2 Roadster Concept at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.

This time around, Lexus Australia collaborated with creative agency M&C Saatchi in a brilliant marketing ploy to promote the RC Coupe. The one-off high performance RC F’s (5.0-litre V8; 470 hp & 530 Nm) body panels are finished in electro-luminescent paint produced by US-based paint specialist, Luminor.


The paint on its own doesn’t glow, however. To activate the pulsating effect, various technologies have been integrated into the car to monitor the driver’s heartbeat. The data collected will then send electric charges through the bodywork, reacting with the paint to produce an intense glow that pulses in the exact same rhythm as the driver’s heart rate.

From the video above, it seems that the special paint only comes to life once your heart beats over 100 bpm, and the effects are nothing short of spectacular. It’s certainly an interesting and very innovative way of promoting a car, so hats off to Lexus at the land Down Under.



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