Chris Evans signs three-year contract to host Top Gear

Fans of the plucky British motoring show have been met with mixed reviews as the BBC has signed on BBC Radio 2 breakfast host and car fanatic Chris Evans (no, not Captain America) in place of the seat that’s been made vacant since Jeremy Clarkson was booted off the immensely popular show following a fracas with one of the producers of Top Gear.

It was reported that Chris has signed a three-year contract to host the most watched motoring show on the planet, and even hinted at the possibility of a female co-presenter. Richard Hammond and James May have just recently confirmed that they will NOT be returning to the show without Clarkson. BBC has not renewed the contracts of the trio since the show was called off.

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Speculations are stirring on who the other two hosts will be, as is the time frame of when production resumes. Apparently, we could be looking at a new format of Top Gear. Word has it that the show may happen as close as Christmas time this year. BBC has since reported that the final episodes of Season 22 will air in a few weeks’ time, but would require some special editing as there isn’t enough footage to make a three-hour special due to the fact that Top Gear crew weren’t allowed to film portions of the show such as the live audience bit after the fracas.

Amongst the rumours that are going around, it has been said that Clarkson, May and Hammond would do a break-away motoring show that would mirror the current Top Gear format.


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