BMW introduces their new line of updated engines, due in July

The Munich-based motoring giant has announced recently that it will be revising its engine line-up for some of its outgoing models as of summer 2015. Thanks to the optimised efficiency and technological advancements of their new three and four-cylinder engines, these engines breathe new life to the sporting heritage of the company whilst keeping carbon emissions and fuel consumption low.

BMW announced too that, the F22 M235i xDrive Convertible will be the first open-top compact model to offer four-wheel drive as an option. This handsome 1-Series Coupe spin-off is powered by a straight-six engine producing 326 hp at 6,000 rpm with 450 Nm of twist at a mere 1,400rpm.


It does the century sprint in 4.4 seconds, and with the loud pedal buried deep in the carpet, it will reach an electronically-limited top speed of 250kph. However if you feel that those figures are way too rich for your blood, fret not though for there are two other oil burning variants offered in the range, namely the BMW 218d and 225d producing 140hp and 224hp respectively.

A new comer to our shores, the BMW F45 2 Series Active Tourer  is part of BMW’s powerplant refresher course here. The results of this exercise is that three of its diesel engines have been improved in terms of power, torque, emissions and consumption. It is unclear if we will be receiving the three cylinder powered 214d and 216d variants here on our shores. Worth noting though, is the improvements made for the 220d model.

BMW 220i Gran Tourer

Power figures have been augmented with an increase to the four-cylinder diesel power unit of a 190hp from 187hp with torque figures of 400 Nm at 1750 rpm remain largely unchanged.The 220d Active Tourer does 0-100kph in 7.8 seconds (the stick shifter does it in 7.9 seconds). BMW have also announced an all-wheel-drive version of the people carrier, which carries the xDrive moniker.

The 2 Series Active Tourer will also incorporate a host of safety features and programs starting July 2015 such as the Multi-Collision Braking, Alertness Assistant, Head-Up Display. However it is uncertain on whether some of these systems will be inclusive in our local models.


Further up the food chain, lies the  F15 BMW X5 xDrive25d and sDrive25d models, which also benefits from a refreshed engine line-up for its stable. The N47D20 block has an increased output of 231hp as opposed to the 215hp found in the previous reiteration of this engine making it the most powerful representative of the new-gen four-cylinder diesel engines that be will making its debut in the SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle).

It also produces 50Nm more torque that the previous lump making a grand total of 500Nm. Having said that, this sub two-tonne SAV will do the sprint in a respectable 7.7 seconds.


This BMW Z4 and its barn-storming family of metal-folding drop tops might not be getting a upgrade in the oily bits but, what BMW has done is only make Z4 fans fall in love with it even more. In the same announcement, the Bavarian giants will be painting, for the first time ever, the Z4 in that brilliant shade of blue that BMW calls Estoril Blue.

Speaking of paint jobs, BMW will now be dipping the BMW 4 Series range with a couple new colors, namely Champagne Quartz metallic and Smokey Topaz metallic. This also includes the M4 and its topless twin. The BMW 5 Series Sedan and the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is made available with the new metallic Tanzanite Blue, which is available in BMW Individual guise.

Here’s a quick review of the revised engines list.

ModelPower (horsepower)Fuel consumption (l/100 km) CO2 emissions (g/km)
BMW 118i (3-door version)1365.4 – 5.0126 – 116
BMW 118i 5-door version1365.4 – 5.0126 – 116
BMW 218d Coupe1504.4 – 4.0116 – 106
BMW 225d Coupe2244.6 – 4.3121 – 114
BMW M235i xDrive Convertible3268.3193
BMW 218d Convertible1504.7 – 4.3124 – 114
BMW 225d Convertible2244.9 – 4.6128 – 121
BMW 216i Gran Tourer1025.6 – 5.3129 – 124
BMW 214d Gran Tourer954.1 – 3.9109 – 104
BMW 220d Gran Tourer1904.7 – 4.5124 – 119
BMW 318d Gran Turismo1504.7 – 4.5123 – 117
BMW 320d Gran Turismo1904.8 – 4.6127 – 120
BMW 420d Convertible1905.1 – 4.8134 – 127
BMW 418d Gran Coupe1504.5 – 4.1118 – 109
BMW X5 sDrive25d2315.4 – 5.3141 – 139
BMW X5 xDrive25d2315.6 – 5.6148 – 146




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