Four Isuzu D-Maxes made an incredibly frugal journey from Bangkok, Thailand to Singapore with less than one full tank (76 litres) of diesel. That’s a total of 1,809 kilometers of tarmac, and this achievement eclipses their previous record in 2011 of 1,600km from Bangkok to Melaka. This trip proves that the D-Max is capable of sipping just 4.2 litres of diesel per 100km travelled, which further translates to RM0.09 per kilometer!

On the move 4

The four – a pair of 2.5-litre and 3.0-litre D-Maxes with both manual and automatic transmissions including a 4×4 drivetrain all completed the journey under stringent observations of an Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) officer, who later verified and confirmed that the trucks were bone stock with no aftermarket modifications.

This Dura-Miles challenge saw the pickups braved through heat and rain, and air conditioning was not tempered throughout the drive. Isuzu Malaysia’s Senior Manager of Product Planning and Brand, Mr Wan Zaqi Zacary said, “The basic yet sophisticated design of the Isuzu D-MAX is a major contributor to its success. Isuzu engineers put very heavy emphasis on the D-Max’s aerodynamics, and tests include the use of a bullet train wind tunnel to develop the current shape of the D-MAX,” said Zaqi.

Breaking the seal

If this news excites you, then keep watching this space because Isuzu will be launching the MU-X – a seven-seater SUV that’s based on the D-Max.



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