takes Proton back to the Heart of Malaysia, in the Proton Iriz [+Video]

Proton has come a long way since its inception in 1979, rolling out our first national car in 1985, the Proton Saga. After more than three decades through thick and thin, we see the latest product of Proton, the Iriz. We at planned a special episode of our video car review, Taking Proton back to the Heart of Malaysia – in the Proton Iriz.

So, where is the heart of Malaysia? Somewhere in the middle of the Peninsular, Pos Betau in Pahang. A place where the Orang Asli (indigenous people) of the Semai tribe resides. The Semai is a sub tribe of the largest indigenous tribe in the country, the Senoi.


In this special episode, we drive from Kuala Lumpur to Pos Betau through Bentong and Raub. With a mission: That is to show the people of Malaysia, the latest product of Proton, the B-segment Iriz.


The meaning behind this video production goes deeper than just the physical ‘Heart of Malaysia’ location. We have seen glory days and also struggles of Proton throughout these years. With negative perceptions and opinions about the brand made by Malaysians ourselves. So, here we are, trying our best, taking Proton back to the Heart of Malaysians. Where it belongs.


It may still be a long road ahead, to achieving what we yearn for, but we as Malaysians will still support and believe in Proton, our national car, our national pride.

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  1. Well done Jenn and Gc… Keep it up! Hope you guys will sharing more sensation driving experiences with the public especially the fuel consumption test.

  2. Bravo, this is very well done, very enjoyable to watch! Something more than just a normal review, and most interestingly, giving exposure to places not commonly known to most people, can be worth a visit.


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