GST: Marginal price revision for Isuzu D-Max, most variants are cheaper

For those who’ve been eyeing to get themselves a D-Max after April 1st, you’d be pleased to know that most of the variants are cheaper now, ranging from RM1.74 (yes that much) to RM1,987.56. Only two variants in the entire range cost more, but you’re only looking to fork out an additional RM25.36 tops.

Isuzu D-Max Diablo (11)

ModelVariantPrice before GSTPrice after GSTDifference
D-Max 2.5LSingle Cab 4×2 MTRM 60,411.00RM 60,360.10RM 50.90
Single Cab 4×4 MTRM 72,331.20RM 72,156.20RM 175.00
2.5L 4×2 MTRM 69,799.60RM 69,794.56RM 5.04
2.5L 4×2 MT Hi-RideRM 79,899.60RM 77,912.04RM 1,987.56
2.5L 4×4 MT-LRM 85,499.60RM 85,524.96RM -25.36
2.5L 4×4 MTRM 94,619.60RM 94,624.00RM 4.40
2.5L 4×4 ATRM 100,689.60RM 100,672.36RM 17.24
DIABLO 2.5L 4×4 ATRM 110,189.60RM 110,142.40RM 47.20
D-Max 3.0LV-Cross 3.0L MTRM 101,343.90RM 101,333.76RM 10.14
V-Cross 3.0L ATRM 107,459.90RM 107,435.12RM 24.78
V-Cross SAFARI 3.0L ATRM 118,485.90RM 118,497.28RM -11.38
DIABLO 3.0L 4×4 ATRM 116,959.90RM 116,958.16RM 1.74

Isuzu D-Max Diablo (2)

As per the table above, the biggest dip in price reduction goes to the 2.5L 4×2 MT Hi-Ride variant, now made RM1,987.56 cheaper, whereas the most recently introduced variant – the Diablo – gets RM47.20 off for the 2.5L and RM1.74 for the 3.0L. Looks like the cheer for cheaper cars continues, eh?


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