Bridgestone Tyre Sales Malaysia has officially introduced a new product within the Potenza lineup – the Adrenalin RE003 which supersedes the longstanding RE002 series. The RE003 as we’re made to understand, took over two years of research and development in Japan to meet the demands of today’s sports oriented road cars and their drivers.

Bridgestone Potenza RE003 (17)

The Adrenalin RE003 furthers  the brand’s Potenza (which means Power in Italian) ethos in proving that the new tyres do in fact perform better overall, thanks to several key enhancements such as the ‘Triple and Half Groove‘ technology and a firmer and more rounded shoulder block. Its silica compound is also improved to provide better wet handling, and this is aided with the ‘Pulse Groove‘ technology in the centre of the tyre – a wave-like pattern inspired by Formula 1 tyres that is also an existing feature in the RE002.

Bridgestone Potenza RE003 (22)


With the new design, Bridgestone says the new tyre is capable of delivering better handling precision and heightened driver control whilst retaining a strong balance of grip, handling stability and superior quick-lane-changing performance in dry conditions. On wet surfaces, the RE003 offers better handling and braking capabilities as well, recording a five percent improvement in both regards over the RE002. The improvements may seem marginal but hey, progress is progress, and in reality it’s even more apparent.

The Adrenalin RE003 is competitively priced too, starting from RM200 to RM800, depending on the dealer. A total of 20 sizes are being offered, ranging from 15 inch to 18 inch wheels. The tyres are flown in from Thailand, Indonesia and Japan; most of the 15 to 17 inch series are made in Indonesia, whereas the more expensive 18 inch rubbers are made in Japan.

Bridgestone Potenza RE003 (15)

The Adrenalin RE003 is supplemented by the tagline Awaken the sports driver in you. Again, it is specially designed for drivers who enjoy sports driving and are on the lookout for tyres that provide better all-rounded performance. So for those reading, could this the tyres you’ve been waiting for?