Lexus is 26 years old this year, and to commemorate this milestone, the luxury carmaker is thinking small. Real small. Introducing, the LF-SA concept city car. Designed in their Europe-based studio, the ultra compact sub-B-segment car aims to explore territories previously untouched by Lexus.

Lexus LF-SA Concept (4)

Hatchbacks have undoubtedly gained incremental popularity over the years, and Lexus hopes to tap into this market by introducing a wildly designed concept, one that has several design cues borrowed (or inspired) from the NX200t. It evidently isn’t a big car to begin with, but Lexus has managed to somehow cram two additional rear seats into the urban vehicle.

Measuring at 3,449 mm in length, 1,699 mm wide and 1,430 mm tall, it’s hard to argue about interior space, especially so for the rear occupants. But it’s a concept still, so it’s all about the idea and the design elements behind it. Lexus explains the LF-SA’s highly sculpted surface panels reflects a more challenging modern contemporary styling approach.

Lexus LF-SA Concept (3)


The overall design is said to flow rearwards from the spindle grille, influencing the design of the front fenders and side bodywork. Headlight design is also modern Lexus, featuring L-shaped lamps in a ‘flying-buttress’ design, followed by L-shaped LED daytime running lights and the L-shaped protruding LED tail lights.

Being a concept car, there’s not much going on in the cabin. Lexus however, says the clever manipulation of ‘lightness’ gives the cabin a more spacious feel than its size suggests. That said, the LF-SA is still essentially a city car, so it’s overall design layout is to give priority to the driver. Info system is projected onto a futuristic hologram-style digital display supplemented by a wide-angle Head-up Display.

Lexus LF-SA Concept (11)

Lexus has certainly come a long way, haven’t they? Let us know what you think of the LF-SA 2+2 concept below!



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