Tesla and BMW may collaborate, sharing batteries and carbon fibre parts

Tesla Motors’ billionaire founder Elon Musk revealed, in a recent interview, that the American electric carmaker is in talks with BMW over the possibility of a major collaboration.

Tesla Model S P85D
Tesla Model S P85D

If successful, this collaboration will align Tesla and BMW’s interests in producing high performance plug-in hybrid cars, with both manufacturing giants sharing next-gen technologies. During the interview, Musk said, “We are talking about whether we can collaborate in battery technology or charging stations.”

Although the discussions with BMW were informal, Musk described BMW’s production of carbon fibre reinforced parts for the i3 and i8 were relatively cost efficient and an interesting prospect.

BMW i8 (1)

As of yet, it’s still too early to say whether the two will arrive at the conclusion of a formal partnership, but it points the way forward in the field of electrically powered vehicles. Musk also hopes to materialise his plans of having a battery production plant in Germany within the coming five to six years.

In the ‘future-centric’ interview, Musk expressed confusions over Toyota’s pursuit in fuel cell technology, stating that a fuel cell powered car consumes at least three times as much energy when compared to the equivalent battery powered car.

Toyota Mirai, Fuel Cell Vehicle
Toyota Mirai, Fuel Cell Vehicle

Reuters reported that BMW and Tesla executives have already met in June to discuss the creation of charging stations that can be used by different types of electric cars.

The duo have yet to enter formal discussions on the matter, though. Interesting times ahead, eh?


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