2015 Honda Civic Type R promo film, type R to switch to ‘The Other Side’ [+Video]

Honda released an epic promo film campaign on YouTube ahead of its highly anticipated 2015 launch of the new Civic Type R. So just type ‘R’, and the video switches from Honda’s excellence in technology and reliability side to ‘The Other Side’; Honda’s high performance racing alter-ego kind of story.


This is just the trailer:

Watch video here.

Martin Moll, Honda Motor Europe’s Head of Marketing, says, “This campaign marks a very significant time for our brand. The Civic Type R is one of four new car launches for Honda in 2015 and provides a powerful halo-effect for the marque. Just as our products are renowned for being innovative, our communications style will amplify this. By way of example, we are not aware of anyone else creating interactive user content in the same dramatic way, which should give it a very strong appeal.” ‘Heist’ launches on YouTube on October 30th, kicking off a pan-European campaign set to continue through 2015.


The story features the upcoming and most powerful Civic Type R. A father fetching his daughter from school in a white Honda Civic in the day. As you press the ‘R’ key on your keyboard, the video switches into night. A heist getaway driver in a red Civic Type R, waiting for his accomplices.


Worry not, no spoilers here. Press the ‘R’ button to switch in real time between two mirrored story lines, which the audio and visual scenes match seamlessly. Watch it for yourself on www.hondatheotherside.com. Be sure to ‘Type R’ to switch to ‘The Other Side‘.

Psst! Honda’s WTCC driver Gabriele Tarquini, makes a cameo appearance in the video too. Try to spot him!

Honda Civic Type-R ConceptPhotograph: James Lipman +44 7803 885275

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R will be powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharge i-VTEC engine, paired with a six-speed manual transmission. The engine generates over 280 horsepower at 7,000 rpm.




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