Raya dengan Gaya with Mitsubishi, with rebates up to RM7,000!

Everyone must be happy and busy marking their calendars for the upcoming Hari Raya holidays. Well, there are more reasons to be happy as Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia wants you to celebrate Hari Raya with more “gaya“, by offering new buyers superb deals, which includes free maintenance program up to 2 years and cash rebates up to RM7,000 for selected Mitsubishi models.

MMM - Raya Dengan Gaya

MMM - Raya Dengan Gaya (Attrage) If you choose to take home the Mitsubishi Attrage, you will get to enjoy cash rebates of up RM7,000. The Mitsubishi Attrage SE is priced at RM75,796.50 while the Mitsubishi Attrage GS is priced at RM67,978.50. MMM - Raya Dengan Gaya (Mirage)Shall you choose the smaller Mitsubishi Mirage or “adik, you will get to enjoy cash rebates of up to RM6,000. The Mitsubishi Mirage GS is priced at RM64,090.65, while the Mitsubishi Mirage GL is priced at RM60,198.65. MMM - Raya Dengan Gaya (Pajero Sport)For a slightly grander look, customer who choose the award-winning Pajero Sports SUV will get to enjoy cash rebates of up to RM7,000. The Pajero Sport GL is priced at RM151,227.60 while the more powerful Pajero Sport VGT is priced at RM172,211.60. MMM - Raya Dengan Gaya (ASX)

The abovementioned cash rebates is valid only for 2013 models. Well MMM wouldn’t forget customers who wanted newer models, but it is limited only to the new 2014 Mitsubishi ASX. Customers who book and register the mid-size SUV will get to enjoy 2-year free maintenance and a 5-year warranty.

The 2-year free maintenance  program offers complementary maintenance on parts, lubricants and labour costs. Some of these free maintenance parts includes engine oil, fuel filters, air cleaner, brake fluid, coolant, differential oil, and transmission oil. The 2WD ASX is priced at RM114,743.50 while the 4WD is priced at RM128,879.50.

All the prices quoted is on-the-road price without insurance.


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