2014 will see the introduction of new generation of GT500 machines for the Super GT series. The big three of Japanese automotive industry, Nissan, Lexus (from Toyota) and Honda has revealed new machines for the GT500 category, replacing the existing GTR, SC430 and HSV-010. The machines are based on an agreement on using the chassis and aerodynamics specifications as German premier super touring car series,Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) and United States’s Grand-AM series.

The new GT500 machines for Super GT 2014 looks amazing

So what we can see here is Honda will replace the HSV-010 to their latest NSX model, which is scheduled to be out by 2014 as well. Similarly with the new NSX, Honda’s new GT500 beast will be mid engine and hybrid powered. Toyota meanwhile decides to retire the aging SC430 by not putting the anticipated LFA supercar but instead their GT500 contender will be based on the LF-CC prototype, the base car behind the new IS model. Nissan decides to stick with their iconic GTR with the help of their tuning arm, NISMO.

Honda new NSX. Hopefully it replicates the epic engine noise of the HSV-010

Nissan retains the GTR but with extensive modifications

Lexus decision not to use the LFA is a disappointment

Similarly with the current DTM machines, all new GT machines here will feature heavy modification on aerodynamic components, from big and complicated wings, diffusers and bodykits capable of producing massive downforce and improve traction. Downsizing is the trend of modern motorsports and following the footsteps of F1 to downsized from V8s to turbocharged 1.6L engines in 2014, the existing 3.4L V8 engine used by all GT500 cars will be replaced with a turbocharged 2.0L engine mated with a possible hybrid system.

Most interesting of all is with these sharing of technical regulations, there is a possibility that DTM machines can race together with these new GT500 machines in perhaps a crossover race between these 2 popular race series in the near future. It will be absolute blast to watch German made GT cars such as the Mercedes C class coupe, Audi RS5 and BMW M3 which is competing in DTM to face on the battle of GT car supremacy with the GTR, NSX and LF-CC from the East. Something which only happens before on video game racing in Gran Turismo series might happen in real life very soon.

Here the video we found on these new machines.


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