Yet another spectacular Formula One race at Shanghai, China where the Chinese Grand Prix was held last weekend. Lewis Hamilton has finally ended Sebastian Vettel’s domination at a very tight and close race. Hamilton’s achievement is spectacular as he fought with Vettel until the closing stages of the race. It is hard to describe how eventful and action packed the race was. While Vettel settles for second, his team mate Mark Webber is even more spectacular by finishing third after starting at 18th place.

With that, let’s begin our list of Heroes and Zeroes of the 2011 Chinese GP!

The “What the Hell You’ve Thinking” award:
Jenson Button
. Pitting into the Red Bull’s pit while driving a McLaren is a recipe for disaster for any F1 drivers. Could he be a “mole” to Red Bull? Still this provides entertainment for viewers and fans! Watch the video as below:

Disappointment of the week:
Nico Rosberg
. He has taken the lead for a great number of laps and was en route to win his first ever F1 race but was notified by his team engineers that they miscalculated his fuel consumption hence advising him to go easy. This forcing him to go slower to conserve fuel hence losing position to no 5.

Strangest Trophy award:
Shanghai GP 2011
: Although the trophy represents an ancient traditional chinese pot, but it does look like a pail for the ancient Chinese, to spit into. Alonso may wanna do that if he sees this trophy.

Best Invention in F1 2011:
Pirelli Tyres
. The new Pirelli tyres has been a wonderful addition in this F1 season. The new tyres have shorter durability hence degrades faster in which meaning drivers and teams will have difficulty predicting the nature of the tyres. It will be an addition problem for them, sometimes a nightmare but it is brilliant for viewers and fans.

Races won and lost because of the unpredictable nature of the tyres, just like how Vettel struggled with grip as he went for 2 pitstops while Hamilton, with newer tyres thanks to his 3-pitstop strategy, has better grip and traction hence managed to overtake Vettel in the closing stages of the race.

There are 16 races to go so we are hoping to satisfy with more unpredictable racing due to the nature of Pirelli tyres!

Man of the race:
Mark Webber
. Qualified horribly in 18th place, he drove like there’s no tomorrow, overtake from the likes of Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and many more, and finished his race in the podium position. It is an astonishing drive from the Australian.

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