Tesla Malaysia online store now open – RM570 for Model Y glass roof sun shade

Tesla Malaysia has launched its online store. Among the items that you can buy online now include accessories for the Tesla Model Y. That’s good news for those who find the glass roof in the Model Y too hot for you as you can now purchase a sunshade for it which costs RM570.

Although the Model 3 is now open for orders from Malaysian customers, no Tesla Model 3 accessories are listed just yet. As for the Tesla Model Y, its accessories are categorized into Interior, Exterior, Floor Mats, and Keys. The best-selling item for the Model Y is apparently the all-weather rear trunk liner.

As for interior accessories for the Model Y, items that you can purchase on the Tesla Malaysia online store include:

  • Pet Liner (also compatible for Model 3, and S) – RM680
  • Illuminated door sills – RM1,170
  • Centre console trays – RM150
  • Rear Liftgate sunshade – RM380
  • Glass Roof Sunshade- RM570
  • USB Drive – RM240

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As for the exterior, there is only one accessory available for model Y which is a pair of front mud flaps:

  • Front mud flaps (1 pair) – RM190

If you’re worried about getting your Model Y’s interior dirty, don’t worry, you can pretty much cover the entire floor of the car with the following items under the “Floor Mat” category:

  • All-weather rear trunk liner – RM730
  • Rugged textile rear trunk mat – RM 380
  • All-weather rear well liner – RM280
  • All-weather front trunk liner – RM380
  • Font trunk mat – RM170

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Under ‘Keys’, you can purchase the following items:

  • Model Y key band – RM90
  • Key Card (1 pair) – RM170

Other than accessories for the Model 3 and Model Y, you can also purchase Tesla apparel through the Tesla Malaysia online store which is available for men, women, and children. So far, clothing items include tee shirts, caps, socks, and onesies. There are also various lifestyle items which include the “Cyberwhistle” which costs RM240.

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