Audi Malaysia launches myAudiWorld app, supports new and parallel imported vehicles

PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM), the sole distributor for Audi vehicles in Malaysia, today launched the myAudiWorld mobile app for all Audi owners in Malaysia, including those bought through parallel import channels.

Now available for download on Android, iOS, and Huawei devices, the new myAudiWorld app will offer owners a wide range of convenience services and features, alongside” greater control over their Audi ownership and driving experience”.

These features include a vehicle service reminder, dealer locator, and the ability to schedule a service appointment at their preferred Audi service centre directly through the mobile app. Customers will also receive “tailor-made offers based on owner interests and vehicle history”, which you can redeem directlyh through the app to enjoy the exclusive promotions.

Audi EV owners can also take advantage of a charger map to ensure that their vehicles remain sufficiently juiced up even on longer road trips. in the unfortunate circumstances when you’ve run into an issue on the roads, the myAudiWorld app also gives you quick and easy access to 24-hour emergency assistance via a dedicated helpline.

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Commenting on the launch of the new mobile app, PHSAM Managing Director, Denyu Bostandzhiev said, “The myAudiWorld app represents Audi Malaysia’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and reaffirms the brand’s dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions.”

“In addition to what’s available for newer vehicles, the myAudiWorld app is dedicated to providing exceptional care for Audi vehicles that are 5 years and older, including parallel import vehicles. With exclusive care packages such as Audi Plus (which comes with roadside assistance) and Repair packages, we aim to promote peace of mind for our valued customers, ensuring that their vehicles receive the utmost attention and support they deserve,” he added.

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