No more dealer discounts – Mercedes-Benz implements agency model in Malaysia with retail partners

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has reached an agreement with its retail partners to implement the agency model in the country. The agency model is expected to be implemented in September 2023 and will make Malaysia the first nation in the South East Asia region to do so.

The company said this new business model is aimed to help meet the evolving needs of its customers in the digital era. When implemented, the agency model will provide customers with more freedom to choose from Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s national stock, regardless of their location or channel.

Not only that, customers can also conveniently switch between and even combine the different contact points within Mercedes-Benz’s network to exchange ideas with product experts in their respective authorised dealerships, obtain information, or even conclude their purchase contracts directly online.

With the new agency model, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s retail partners will still continue to serve as brand representatives. Their role as product experts and brand ambassadors will be maintained to serve their customers in their respective retail networks.

Mercedes-Benz’s customers can also continue to benefit from a range of services at retail outlets, including vehicle sales and financing options, maintenance and repair services, genuine parts availability, as well as warranty support.

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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CEO & President, Sagree Sardien said, “We are excited to share a major milestone in our mission to strengthen customer loyalty for the Mercedes-Benz brand. Through a close partnership with our esteemed retail partners, we will jointly embark in taking the next step towards revolutionizing our sales model.

“As the first in the region to implement the agency model for the brand, we are confident that this transformative leap will further enhance our brand’s presence and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Together, we look forward to an exciting journey in redefining automotive sales in a highly digital & technological era,” Sardien added.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sales & Marketing Vice President, Bettina Plangger also said, “This progress is driven by changes in customer behavior in the digital age. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to interact with us. It doesn’t matter if it’s digital or physical. The agency model supports us in seamlessly connecting all contact points.”

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