PSA: Don’t leave clear plastic water bottles in your car

It’s really, really hot out these days, so having a bottle of water with you at all times to stay hydrated is just smart. But if you’re using a clear plastic bottle (or glass ones, for the matter), remember to never leave it unsupervised in the car, especially if it’s going to be parked under the hot sun. Unless you want your car looking like this poor Redditor’s.

Reddit user, WarningImBroken, posted two photos of their car – or at least what remains of it after a fire – to the subreddit /r/WellThatSucks, along with the caption “Today I learned not to leave a clear bottle of water in my car on a hot sunny day!!”

While it may seem a little far-fetched to blame a car fire on a small water bottle, it’s actually not that uncommon of a phenomenon – so much so that fire departments in the US have warned drivers against leaving them, particularly clear bottles, partially or fully filled with water.

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That’s because these clear bottles can act very much like a magnifying glass, focusing the sunlight into a single beam. Remember those science experiments you used to do in primary school? If the beam unfortunately hits the right spot in the car, there’s a chance it may spark a flame, and in worst-case scenarios, quickly escalate into a big fire engulfing your whole car.

It’s definitely a good idea to bring drinking water with you when you’re out and about, especially when the heatwave that we’re currently experiencing is predicted to last until August. But maybe, swap that clear plastic disposable bottle for an opaque reusable one, which not only is a little safer in this context, but can also be better for the environment too.

Or, you know, remember to take your bottle with you whenever you step out of the car.

[H/T: Jalopnik]


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