Honda e:Ny1 EV unveiled – 412km range, not just an electric HR-V

Although the car may look familiar, what you’re looking at is the Honda e:Ny1 which is an all-electric compact SUV which has just been revealed by Honda. Unveiled at Honda’s European media event in Germany, it is the brand’s second fully-electric car in Europe.

The Honda e:Ny1 is built on the all-new e:N Architecture F platform, making it a purely built electric car as opposed to just being an electric-converted Honda HR-V. Honda says that the e:Ny1 “follows Honda’s human-centred development philosophy, making the most of the model’s fully electric powertrain to deliver an SUV with fun-to-drive dynamics, a smooth and refined ride, and intuitive versatility”.

Perhaps the most peculiar detail on the Honda e:Ny1 is the “Honda” lettering on the tailgate with only the “H” letter in uppercase. According to the company, it gives the car a “premium look” which will feature on the brand’s future electric vehicles (EVs).

As expected of an EV, the front end gets a closed aerodynamic look. Also at the front is a panel that covers the charging port of the Honda e:Ny1. Wheels are 18 inches in size and based on the images shared by Honda, the wheels are wrapped in Continental UltraContact tyres, albeit in its sixth generation. The UltraContact tyre is now already in its 7th generation. All else, the Honda e:Ny1 looks very much like the HR-V that we are all too familiar with. It is, however, not built on the same underpinnings according to Honda.

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As for performance, the Honda e:Ny1 is powered by a single electric motor that outputs 150 kW (204 hp metric) and 310 Nm. The e:Ny1 houses a 68.8 kWh battery pack which provides 412 km of range (WLTP). To charge, the e:Ny1 takes 45 minutes to from 10% state of charge (SOC) to 80% SOC with DC fast charging. That is all the information that is shared for the time being.

Inside, the Honda e:Ny1 spruces things up with a vertical touchscreen head unit and a fully-digital floating instrument cluster. It also gets an electronic gear selector on the centre console, blue accents, and a large sunroof. All else, the interior mainly resembles that of the Honda HR-V.

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In Malaysia, the Honda HR-V is available with three powertrain options which include one hybrid powertrain. No EVs from Honda have reached our soil yet although a few of the brand’s models have been partially electrified. Do you think the Honda e:Ny1 will be a hit if it reaches Malaysia?

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