The new bZ Compact SUV Concept could be the electric successor to the Toyota C-HR

In addition to the launch of the all-new fifth-generation Prius, Toyota also took the opportunity to show off a new EV concept, dubbed the bZ Compact SUV Concept, at the opening of the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show overnight.

But showing off, was pretty much all that they did. Aside from just giving us a very surface-level look, Toyota really didn’t reveal much else. Still, it’s a pretty sweet-looking (concept) car, and it also looks reasonably production ready, hinting at what might be the next EV from Toyota to slot underneath the bZ4X. A fully-electric successor to the C-HR, perhaps?

In terms of appearance, the new bZ Compact Concept remains very faithful to Toyota’s latest design motif, most notably in the front thanks to their boomerang-style headlights. The fenders are nicely rounded, and dispenses with the chunky black plastic claddings as seen on the bZ4X, making it look a lot more street-friendly.

In line with the C-HR, the new Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept also comes with a heavily-raked roofline for a sportier look, while the rear door handles are hidden neatly integrated into the C-pillars. Other nice touches that we like here include the third braking light integrated into the shark fin antenna, although we’re pretty sure that won’t make it into production…

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While the exterior gets a fairly aggressive design, the bZ Compact Concept’s interior on the other hand adopts a more minimalist styling language, with a slate-like wraparound surface and a tabletop dashboard, the latter being the home of two curved displays serving instrumentation and infotainment purposes.

The lack of physical controls is thanks to the new AI assistant named ‘Yui’, who will utilise audio and visual cues to react to requests from the passengers. And in keeping up with recent trends, the concept also features a yoke-style steering – thanks, Elon Musk.

Not much else has been revealed aside from the photos, so we still don’t know anything about its powertrain or electric range. But with 30 EVs (including 5 under the bZ umbrella) to unveil by 2030, it seems like we probably won’t have to wait too much longer until we get more info.

“We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the Beyond Zero moniker,” said Toyota group vice president and general manager, David Christ. “With an aerodynamic design coupled with intuitive tech features never before seen in a Toyota model, the bZ Concept showcases another possible vision of the very near future with our battery electric vehicles.”

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