Video: Ora Good Cat – The cheapest EV with 500km range, maybe

Set to launch this month, the Ora Good Cat will most likely be the most affordable EV in Malaysia (for a period of time), dethroning the Hyundai Kona electric. With an estimated starting price of RM 150,000, sources close to the matter say that it will be offered in three variants – “Tech”, “Pro”, and “Ultra”.

Its cute and quirky looks have attracted the attention of many and its reported NEDC range of 500 km (for the “Ultra”) inspires confidence in potential EV buyers. Designed by former Porsche designer, Emanual Derta, the Ora Good Cat gives you the opportunity to name-drop when talking to others about your car. But what is it like to drive? Well, allow our very own GC Mah to share his experience with you in this video.

Measuring 4,235 mm long, 1,825 mm wide, 1,596 mm tall, and with a wheelbase of 4,650 mm, the Ora Good Cat is an electric car that’s about the size of the Proton X50. Regardless of variant (except the GT), the Ora Good Cat is powered by a single electric motor that drives the front wheels. That motor makes 143 hp (metric) and 250 Nm and gets power from either a 47.788-kWh battery pack (“Tech” and “Pro”) or a 63.139-kWh battery pack (“Ultra”).

In Thailand, the Ora Good Cat’s variant names tell you the NEDC electric range, i.e. the 400km Tech. The naming convention for Malaysia has yet to be confirmed, but we already know that both the “Tech” and “Pro” will have an electric range of 400 km (NEDC). The “Ultra” with the bigger battery has a 500 km electric range (NEDC). Do note that the NEDC cycle is less challenging than the WLTP cycle and hence its real-world range will deviate a little further.

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Complementing the cute looks of the Ora Good Cat is an array of adorable colour options to choose from (single-tone and dual-tone). Single-tone schemes include ‘Hamilton White’, ‘Sun Black’, and ‘Coral Blue’. Dual-tone options include ‘Mars Red with Black Roof’, ‘Hamilton White with Black roof’, ‘Verdant Green & Hamilton White Roof’, and ‘Havel Wood beige & Wisdom Brown Roof’.

Inside, the Ora Good Cat offers a 10.25-inch touchscreen unit that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A 7-inch digital instrument sits behind the steering wheel. Like the exterior, the interior also offers an array of cute and quirky interior colours.

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