Buying used or ‘recon’? You can now get a comprehensive vehicle report from CTOS Vehicle Check

CTOS Digital Berhad, through its subsidiary CTOS IDS, has just unveiled a new service, dubbed CTOS Vehicle Check, in collaboration with Otofacts for consumers to check the history of vehicles in Malaysia, including reconditioned or ‘recon’ vehicles imported from Japan and the United Kingdom.

The new service will be particularly beneficial to those who are shopping for used cars, as you’ll be able to obtain comprehensive reports for the vehicles being considered for purchase with just the vehicle’s chassis number.

Screenshot: CTOS Vehicle Check

“The challenge with buying a used car is that buyers more often than not have little to no access to verify the background information of the car,” said CTOS Digital Group CEO, Eric Hamburger.

“By providing easy and immediate access to extensive data through CTOS Vehicle Check, we can help reduce fraud and improve transparency in the sale and purchase of used vehicles in Malaysia, giving consumers the peace of mind with a used car report they can trust.”

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The new service is made possible thanks to its partnership with Otofacts, Malaysia’s “first online automotive bureau” with the largest database of automotive records in the country, including information from auction houses, insurance companies, and several government agencies.

CTOS Vehicle Check will enable consumers to check information such as a vehicle’s accident history, mileage, car ownership history and status, service and maintenance records, vehicle registration, any open manufacturer recalls, and even airbag deployment history (for Japanese vehicles).

Otofacts CEO, Shahir Ali added, “An important step in any used car purchase is getting a vehicle check report that can be trusted. This will enable consumers to make informed decisions based on hidden details behind the vehicle to determine the car’s market value and ensure years of reliable and safe transportation.”

The new vehicle check feature is CTOS’ latest service offering in the automotive industry, following the launch of CTOS Car Insurance last month. The feature is now available at the CTOS IDS website, linked here.


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