This New York-style cab is Malaysia’s first EV taxi

A budget EV under RM100k has yet to make a debut in Malaysia. However, local company MySuri Biz Technologies has brought in Malaysia’s supposed first EV taxi – an MG 5 wagon. Decorated in New York cab-like livery, the MG 5 wagon taxi is expected to be available for hire starting November 2022.

In Singapore, the MG 5 is already used as a taxi by “Strides Taxi”. Over in Thailand, the MG 5 is known as the MG EP. Powered by a single electric motor, the MG 5/EP comes in two versions – long range and short range.

Photo: teksiku/Faceboook

The long-range version is equipped with a 61.1-kWh battery that provides a 403-km WLTP range. Powered by a single electric motor, the long-range version makes 156 hp and 280 Nm. Charging from 0 to 100% with AC charging takes 10 hours while charging from 10% to 80% takes 40 minutes with DC fast charging.

The short-range version gets a 50.3-kWh battery that provides a range of 316 km (WLTP). Although also powered by a single electric motor, the short-range version offers a little more power at 163 hp and a little less torque at 260 Nm. AC charging from 0 to 100% takes 8.5 hours and DC fast charging from 10% to 80% takes 40 minutes. For use as an EV taxi in Malaysia, it would make more sense to use the long-range version of the MG 5/EP.

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Photo: teksiku/Facebook

Globally, a facelifted version is available as a long-range version (400 km, WLTP) with a 57-kWh battery and a short-range version (310 km, WLTP) with a 46-kWh battery. The version that MySuri Biz Technologies has in Malaysia is the pre-facelift version, just like the one in Singapore and Thailand.

Teksiku’s official online channels right now are its Facebook and Instagram page. The app was introduced sometime in 2019 but is now not available on the PlayStore (perhaps temporarily). Previously, Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Yaakob announced that Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) in collaboration with Mysuri Biz Technologies Sdn Bhd will provide 1,000 EV taxis to support Malaysia’s Go Green efforts.

Strides EV taxi fleet in Singapore uses the MG 5 EV. Photo: Strides Taxi/Facebook

Behind “teksiku” is Malaysian digital economy platform provider, alladinmy. Alladinmy itself is an app with a multitude of on-demand services that include car wash, beauty care, home cleaning, and fitness coaching. According to alladinmy’s Facebook page, the Malaysia EV taxi deployment will begin in Klang Valley and Langkawi. While we may have to wait a little longer for a sub-RM100k EV, some of us will at least get to experience riding in an EV taxi soon.


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