Welcome to 2022, where tuners increase EV’s range, not performance

Historically, when a tuner gets their hands on a new car, they’ll do everything they can to make the car meaner and faster, generally by increasing engine power outputs – sometimes to hilariously stupid levels. But with EVs these days basically all coming with more power than anyone can handle, increasing it even more sounds like a pretty pointless task.

And that’s why Brabus looked the other way with the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS. Instead of increasing power like what we’re used to seeing from them, the German tuning house instead introduced a set of aerodynamic parts for the electric sedan to increase its range. Yes, you read that right. Welcome to 2022.

With a new aero kit consisting of a new front splitter, rear diffuser, and a small ducktail spoiler, alongside a “plug and play” software module for the suspensions that lowers the car by 15 mm in front and 20 mm at the rear, Brabus managed to improve the EQS’ already-segment-leading 0.209 Cd drag coefficient by another 7.2%.

The company doesn’t explicitly state a new coefficient number, but simple maths tell us it’s around the region of 0.194 Cd. The lower drag coefficient means that the Brabus-tuned Mercedes-Benz EQS actually increases its driving range by about 7% on average when driven at speeds of between 100 and 140 km/h, or so the company claims.

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That’s actually pretty significant, given that the long-range EQS 450+, like the one sold in Malaysia, already boasts a driving range of over 780 km based on the WLTP cycle. A 7% increase means you can drive anywhere from 50-55 km more, which can be the difference between heading home or finding a charger en-route on a long-distance highway journey.

Aside from the aero kit, Brabus is also offering a set of custom monoblock wheels in 20- to 22-inch sizes, which surprisingly looks rather fitting on the fully-electric EQS. Of course, this being a Brabus, the massive ‘B’ emblem is also plastered on virtually every possible surface on the outside, and the interior can be pretty much customised to your heart’s content.

No pricing information has been provided, but it’s safe to assume that anything from the big B will not come cheap.



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