Geely dips into parts bin, Radar RD6 EV pick-up shares interior with upcoming Proton X90

Geely has just published the first interior photos of the RD6 electric pick-up truck, under the firm’s new Radar sub-brand. From first glance, the cabin of the Radar RD6 gives off a modern minimalist, and utilitarian look, yet still very familiar – so let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

If you feel like you’ve already seen this design somewhere before, you’d be right. That’s because the Radar RD6’s interior is essentially borrowed from the existing Geely Haoyue/Okavango, with the digital instrument cluster, infotainment display, air vents, and steering wheel pretty much taken wholesale from the seven-seater SUV.

There are, however, a few exclusive touches to differentiate the Radar RD6 from the Haoyue (aside from the emblem change), including a unique dashboard top, and a new aeroplane throttle-style gearshift lever on the centre console.

While technical specifications for the Radar RD6 hasn’t been published just yet, we do know that the EV pick-up truck will be built on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), with preliminary info suggesting an electric range of up to 600 km in a single charge (unspecified test cycle).

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The Radar RD6 is scheduled for launch in China on September 9, with the company targeting urban Chinese customers with an adventurous side, especially now that the Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being relaxed.

Aside from China, however, it was also reported that the Radar brand could expand into other markets in the near future including Southeast Asia and the United States, where pick-up trucks are more widely-accepted. With the Geely Haoyue heavily rumoured to be introduced here in Malaysia as the Proton X90, could the RD6 also become a Proton-badged electric pick-up truck? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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