Beam Mobility to raise more awareness on benefits of e-scooters

Beam Mobility, those behind the purple e-scooters zipping around the sidewalks of town has launched a new ‘Drive Something New Today’ campaign to raise more awareness of alternative and sustainable modes of transportation.

The campaign will also emphasise the key role the company’s e-scooter plays in solving the everyday issue of completing first and last-mile journeys when using public transport.

Beam e-scooters exist to fill a long-time gap in our public transportation system by connecting people to transit points, popular destinations, and hotspots with ease and convenience. This increases public transport usage while reducing dependency on private vehicles. According to Beam, for every 10km ridden on their e-scooter instead of a car, riders save 2.65kg of CO2 emissions.

In a recent poll among micromobility riders in May 2022, almost 50% of the 1,800 Beam riders said that access to e-scooters for the “first or last mile” of a journey had made them more likely or much more likely to consider using public transport as an option for long journeys rather than using cars or ride-hailing services. 77% of regular riders say they always, usually, or sometimes use an e-scooter to connect to or from public transport.

The surveys illustrate how open residents in big Malaysian cities are to the idea of e-scooters operating in their cities, with just 9% of the 1,544 citizens surveyed saying they felt any degree of negativity to the idea. This number halved once the safety features, convenience, and environmental benefits of shared e-scooters had been explained to them.

Beam e-scooters are made of aircraft-grade aluminium featuring the company’s own virtual parking technology to ensure proper use and return of the e-scooters, with speeds limited to 25 km/h.

They also come with geofencing technology to ensure its e-scooter riders stay within designated areas approved by local councils and regulators. Beam’s e-scooters are also equipped with batteries that are certified to the very highest standards of fire safety as well.


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