All-new Lexus RX debuts striking design and new ‘F Sport Performance’ variant

The all-new 5th generation Lexus RX had made its global debut with a striking new look and a bounty of new features.

It features a completely new design on the infamous spindle grille. Dubbed the ‘Spindle Body’ design philosophy, the front bonnet panel now blends into the Spindle grille.

The overall design of the car now takes a mature look, toning down on the sharp edges of the previous generation RX. The headlamp units now feature daytime running lights (DRL) that are sandwiched between the slim headlights and fog lamps. 

Moving on to the sides, the creases are no longer as sharp compared to the previous generation RX to improve aerodynamics. A familiar but more elegant-looking floating roofline finds its way into the 5th generation RX as well as side fenders that match the body’s colour.

On the rear, we see the biggest change made to the car. The eye-catching rear lights feature a long singular light strip similar to the tips of a plane’s wings. Gone are the shameful fake exhaust tips as they are now replaced with clean-looking bumper trims that are flanked with subtle plastic finishes.

Inside, the new interior design is aimed at offering a deeper connection between driver and car is inspired by the Tazuna concept. The new infotainment cluster and infotainment system now sit on an elegantly swooping dashboard that effortlessly flows to the door panels. 

A new 9.8-inch touchscreen that can be upgraded to a 14-inch makes its way to replace the infamous touch bar controls and is merged with a new digital instrument cluster. 

The steering is integrated with the head-up display granting control to functions like navigation, audio, and more to ensure minimal distractions for the driver.

The E-Latch door opening system makes another appearance in this model, offering an effortless take on the process of opening a door. A new smartphone app is also introduced so that users can lock and unlock the door using their smartphones as keys. The engine can even be started without operating the screen. These smartphone keys can be passed along to anyone with the app like friends and family but it only works with one phone at a time. 

Further enhancements include new front and rear suspension along with Lexus’ new DIRECT4 all-wheel-drive system in the RX500h F Sport that uses electronics to control power distribution on all four wheels independently. 


Gone is the V6 in the outgoing model as Lexus has brought a wide variety of four-cylinder engines and hybrids to the table. The range kicks off with the RX 350 with a 2.4L turbocharged inline-four engine with a choice of AWD or FF paired with a Direct Shift eight-speed-auto putting out 275hp and 430Nm.

It is then followed by the RX 350h with a 2.5-litre engine supported by a hybrid electric system that’s paired with an eCVT carried over from the previous generation RX, making 246hp and 316Nm. Next in line is the RX 450h+, powered by a 2.5L plug-in hybrid electric system the same eCVT producing 304hp.

The RX 500h gets a turbocharged 2.4-litre mated to a hybrid electric system and six-speed automatic transmission along with the new DIRECT4 AWD technology that uses a high-powered ‘eAxle’ motor in the rear, producing 367hp and 550Nm.

As for the RX 500h F-Sport Performance, it’s sprinkled with F-Sport goodies including bumpers, grille, wheels and brakes to improve the car’s performance while also giving it a meaner look. Similarly on the inside, the variant gets F-Sport seats, steering wheel, pedals, and different door panels.



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