PLUS to increase use of artificial intelligence to smoothen traffic flow at toll gates

Traffic at the toll gates is nothing new. There are various payment methods causing traffic to switch lanes at the toll gates leading to congestion and when you’re at the toll gates, some of these toll payment service providers may not even work consistently; causing even longer queues.

A local company called Tapway has come up with a solution to reduce congestion at the toll gates using Artificial Intelligence (AI) although it was not mentioned specifically how the system would work.

What was mentioned was that the system (using NVIDIA GPUs and software), Tapway’s ‘VehicleTrack’ software can read a vehicle’s license plate and detect its class, make and color in just 50 milliseconds, 1/10 of the time it takes to blink an eye. This is with the vehicle travelling up to 40 km/h while approaching the toll gates. This could mean that there would be no specific lanes for specific toll payment services.

Tapway’s software works in all light and weather conditions while consistently recording up to 97% accuracy and PLUS is already on board as they have installed 577 cameras with the software so far, and intends to increase to 900 cameras in 92 toll plazas to improve traffic flow at toll gates.

Since 2014, Tapway has deployed 3,000 sensors in 500 locations throughout Malaysia and Singapore. Elsewhere, they also offer their services to malls and retailers to better understand customer’s shopping habits. The company is also gearing up to help car manufacturers and palm oil producers with quality control inspection.


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