New BMW 7 series is for those who want something irrational – BMW design boss

The world was once again divided yesterday, not by war or religious conflicts, but by BMW’s bold new 7 Series that seems to have left most scratching their heads than their crotch.

It’s just as we’ve all been joking about; the front grilles did get bigger but as we’re still digesting that look, BMW also introduced split headlamps (also seen in the new X7) to make the digestion process a little longer.

We’re still on the fence about this, with the office divided between those who are making jokes and those who believe BMW is making a statement, BMW’s design boss Domagoj Dukec has been quick to standby by the company’s latest creation.

Speaking to Car Magazine, Dukec believes the new look is for those who want a more irrational car; for those who are willing to pay extra to be more expressive and to make a louder statement.

Dukec also highlighted 2/3 of BMW customers prefer a more elegant and harmonious look, and for those customers, there is the 3 Series and 5 Series. For those who want a little more than that, Dukec pointed to the 4 Series and 7 Series which were created just for them.

He also pointed out that such polarising designs, like on the 7 Series, is not feasible on the 3 Series and 5 Series as they are high-volume models.


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