Deus Vayanne: The world’s most powerful EV hypercar, made by an unknown EV startup

The advancements in electric powertrain technologies in recent years have made it very, very easy to create cars with incredible (and often unnecessary) amounts of power. So easy, in fact, that many previously-unheard companies are now coming out with their own EV hypercars.

Today’s example comes from a certain Deus Automobiles, who have just unveiled its Vayanne hypercar at the 2022 New York International Auto Show. Its main selling point? 2,230 hp.

The Deus Vayanne, named after the city of Vienna, is a product of a collaboration between the Austrian company, Williams Advanced Engineering, and Italdesign. Williams created the Vayanne’s custom electric architecture and advanced battery tech, while Italdesign worked on its styling.

Based on computer simulations, the Vayanne’s twin-motor set-up is capable of outputting over 2,230 hp and 2,000 Nm of torque, making it one of the world’s most powerful cars on sale, beating out the likes of the Rimac Nevera and the Lotus Evija.

Since the actual production-ready car only really exists in the virtual simulations now, performance figures are of course not available just yet. However, Deus says that it’s targetting a 0-100 km/h sprint time of just 1.99 seconds, onward to a top speed north of 400 km/h.

And despite the undoubtedly incredible performance figures, Deus says that the Vayanne has been also designed with practicality in mind, promising ample storage space, and a 12 cm ground clearance to easily get over speed bumps, while also offering a “comfortable and luxurious ride”. The same function-first ethos is also applied onto the -admittedly reserved – exterior design, with the help of Italdesign.

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“At Deus, design is not merely about the looks, it is an integrated concept that reflects the marque’s main credo: to effortlessly combine exquisite design and functionality with cutting-edge technology in the EV hypercar segment”, said Deus head of design, Adrian-Filip Butuca. “To showcase this harmony, we chose to stylise the Vayanne around the idea of symmetry and geometric alignment of its lines and design features.”

The exterior design utilises a mixture of “smooth yet dominant curves” and “refined geometry”, which is supposed to give the Vayanne a timeless look. The front and rear grilles are made to look like an infinity loop, while the geometric shapes can be seen on the various air ducts on the exterior, all of which are also “geometrically aligned”.

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Inside, the Vayanne is equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster and control display on the dashboard. The trim pieces also feature a wrap-around “infinity mirror” trim, which is a unique 3D optical effect created by two LED strips and two mirrors, in what Deus says is a first in the automotive industry.

Production of the Deus Vayanne will be limited to just 99 units, each custom-made with a unique, customer-specified paint job and interior trim to maintain exclusivity for collectors. The first cars are expected to be delivered from Italdesign’s Turin factory in 2025. 



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